The call for Special Sessions for the 6th Geography of Innovation Conference is now open.


Proposals for Special Sessions should include:

the title of the special session;
the name and affiliation of the proponents;
an abstract with the description of the theme of the session;
a short list of topics desirable to be presented in this special session.

Please try to limit the total amount of text to about 20 lines.

Language for the abstract: English

Deadline: 6th June 2021

The proposals must be sent to the Organising Committee:

Regular sessions

  • Universities and the geography of science and innovation
  • Innovation policy for regions and countries
  • Green and sustainable innovation
  • Mobility of workers, relatedness and the geography of innovation
  • Responsible innovation, social innovation and inclusive growth
  • Urban agglomerations, externalities and innovation
  • Spatial dynamics of innovation networks
  • Globalisation of innovation and knowledge
  • Social capital, institutions and innovation
  • Innovation in developing and emerging economies
  • Innovation in peripheral regions
  • Smart cities and smart regions
  • Clusters, industrial districts and regional innovation systems


  • Bocconi University


  • Intesa Sanpaolo
Photos from GEOINNO2022 are now published and possible to look through here.